Raj Kalyandurg

Raj Kalyandurg

Raj Kalyandurg is a Private Wealth Advisor and Managing Director at Merrill Lynch with more than 25 years of experience. Outside his professional life, Raj Kalyandurg is a philanthropy-driven individual who actively takes steps to better his community and the people around him through nonprofit leadership and investment.

Laying The Foundation

As a young person, Raj Kalyandurg knew finance was his passion. At the University of Texas at Dallas, Raj Kalyandurg studied Economics and Finance, earning his bachelor’s degree in 1998. As a student, Raj interned for Merrill Lynch before finishing his degree. He accepted a position with the firm right out of college and has continued his career with Merrill for the past 25 years. Raj currently holds the Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) designation.

“You need to know the impact you want to create through your work. For me, it’s all about helping empower, work toward, and achieve financial freedom. This purpose is what gets me out of bed every morning and keeps me excited about my job.”

Connecting to a Greater Purpose

Raj Kalyandurg’s passion for service and professional endeavors have opened doors for him to give back. Raj is in constant pursuit of his philanthropic passions, always finding new ways to leverage his talents and expertise to support organization that change lives and communities. With a particular passion for organizations focused on young people and at-risk youth, Raj views philanthropy and civic involvement as not only his responsibility to others, but a critical cornerstone in a purposeful life.

For the last 20 years, Raj has been privileged to work with Pratham, an NGO disrupting illiteracy among children around the world, and currently sits on the board. Financial literacy is one of his major passions, and he believes that focusing on childhood education can help set the stage for a financially successful future.

“Pratham is an organization that is really close to my heart, and I have been fortunate enough to see firsthand the positive work they are doing in India.”

“Homelessness is something that can affect all walks of life. Many people do not have a parachute when it comes to money and basic needs, and it highlights the need for financial literacy and access to resources. We tend to underestimate just how thin the line can that separates people from being unhoused.”

Through his board member position with The Salvation Army of North Texas, Raj is able to invest locally to support unhoused people. 

Raj is currently the immediate past chairman of the U.S.-India Chamber of Commerce, which focuses on feeding homeless children and providing basic needs for struggling families.

In addition, he serves on the boards of the American Indian Foundation and the Montessori New Beginnings Academy.

“The Chamber of Commerce also provides opportunities for mentorship and teaching financial literacy, both of which are very important to me. Being able to help people in times of need is something that I find very rewarding.”

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